Better still, it also lets you remap the game controls in keeping with your convenience. Add to that the flexibility to use cheats and also save the game state, and this iOS 15 Game Boy emulator seems to take care of all the basics. Moving to the user interface, RetroArch has opted for a classic UI that looks old-fashioned.

Hold R and press B on Controller 1 to enable free-movement mode, which will allow Link to freely pass through obstacles. It will also allow you to use the Magic Mirror anywhere on the overworld, even to warp from the Light World to the Dark World. Press R on Controller 2 to remove the selected item or weapon while the status sub-screen is displayed.

Pokemon Resolute

The overworld feels sufficiently dense with worthwhile objectives, too. Now you can have all the 2D arcade action of Metal Slug in the palm of your hand, because Metal Slug Advance has arrived on the Game Boy Advance. Through five action-packed missions, you must move out on foot or in slug vehicles across rugged terrain and underwater bases. Your objective is to rescue hostages by destroying enemies and solving strategic puzzles. Completing your missions becomes easier when you collect more than 100 types of E-cards, which enhance your character’s abilities.

An easy location to find them is outside of the Shield Shop. You must use Like Likes for the Mirror Shield as it cannot be stolen by other enemies. This glitch requires you to have the second shield or the third shield. The result is that your shield will be blue and remain that color even after moving to a new screen. With the screen divided between the rooms horizontally , go north until you reach your destination (through and beyond Ganon’s hideout). In dark rooms, Click here to play a few rounds of Tetris on our website Link’s light “cone” now appears at the correct location.

It has been simplified to make it more accessible to the average player. Part of what makes Zelda so fun is the balance between action-packed combat, exploration, and challenging puzzles – but some players are only interested in the latter. ALTTP DX is a set of minor quality of life improvements and bug fixes. This includes the ability to switch from one object to another by pressing L/R and to break pots with a sword. You can also use the knife to pick up objects that are otherwise out of reach.


If you beat the Moldorm, a treasure chest will appear on the platform to the south. Push the blocks that you encounter out of the way and reach the left exit. There’s a lot going on in this little room when you return to this floor. First, you’ll have to deal with a Stalfos Knight who guards the right side of the room. Take care of him, and use your Magic Hammer to pound down the pegs that block your access to the giant block. Lift the block to expose both a key and a “Bunny Beam” trap.

Play Retro Atari 2600 Games on Your Nexus 7 Tablet

Singing praises is not my forte so, I will skip that and come straight to the point. What I liked about RetroArch is that it is an all-in-one emulation frontend. You don’t need to download different emulators for different games. And the cherry on top — the new ROMs are being uploaded to the site on a regular basis so you’ll always have something new to try. Besides, all the games are sorted by genres and you can use extra filters to find something specific.

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